Why Use Tom Brunner

Why use Tom Brunner and my team to find your next home?

I have been selling real estate for almost 25 years now.  I am so convinced that this is the best market for home buyers I have ever seen, that I have personally designed the list below of offers and guarantees to help you make a move to your first HOME!


  • The process starts with acquiring a lender.  We will put you in touch with one of our quality, experienced, and honest lenders that will work with you to help you determine a monthly payment that you can feel comfortable with.  Our lenders will pre-qualify you for a home purchase or assist you in offering a clear plan to help you improve your credit score if needed.

  • Next, my team will send you a list of homes that fit within your criteria (of location, price, size, etc...)

  • *We will also send you a "mock" Purchase and Sale Agreement so that you may have a chance to read, review and ask questions.  This is to help you understand the paperwork in advance so that when the time comes for you to submit an offer, you will have confidence in what you are signing and what we are presenting.

  • We will show you homes that fit all of your needs, until we find the right home for you!

  • We will negotiate your offer, always on you behalf and always with your best interest in hand.

  • *When possible, I will personally present the offer in an effort to get better results for you.

  • My team will be with you every step of the way throughout the entire sale process, including being present during the full home inspection.

PLEASE NOTE:  Items that have a * next to them, are exclusive services my team provides.  I don't know of any other agents (or only a few) that can offer these same items to you.